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Athletic Performance In Winter Park FL

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Acupuncture is a 2,000-year-old practice that has been used heal injury and improve athletic performance for its entire history. The early stories of acupuncture chronicle Chinese martial artists who used needles to relieve their pain after being injured. Warriors and soldiers have historically received acupuncture to improve their stamina and endurance. And in the modern era, many athletes in professional sports and the Olympics extol the virtues of being treated by their acupuncturist.

From the ancient Chinese medical perspective, acupuncture increases the flow of energy and blood when it is sluggish. It removes blockages to the flow of energy and blood. It reduces the flow of energy and blood when it is excessive.

Acupuncture for Muscle Relief
Proprioception is the ability to sense stimuli arising within the body regarding position, motion, and equilibrium. Proprioception measures the angle of joints, the tension on tendons and the amount of contraction of muscles. The proprioceptive system allows the muscles to communicate with the nervous system. Even if a person is blindfolded, he or she knows through proprioception if an arm is above the head or hanging by the side of the body. It is absolutely necessary for any physical activity, athletic or otherwise. Injuries affect proprioception and thus the body’s ability to sense where it exists in space. Acupuncture can restore proprioception, creating a more accurate sense of where one is in space.

Fatigue, inflammation, strain, tightness, and soreness are eased when acupuncture is applied.

Acupuncture to Alleviate Pain
Acupuncture can treat pain from sports-related injuries. According to The World Health Organization, “Acupuncture’s effective rate in the treatment of chronic pain is comparable with that of morphine.” Acupuncture has been shown to clinically trigger the release of pain-relieving chemicals like endorphins, which act as a natural and rapid pain reliever with long-lasting effects.

Treating the pain directly at the site of the pain can also decrease inflammation, boost the immune system, and increases one’s range of motion.

Here’s a list sports injuries and problems acupuncture has and can successfully treat:
strains, sprains, repetitive use syndrome, swollen muscles, shin splints, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, back, hip, knee and ankle pain, frozen shoulder, pulled tendons, torn ligaments, tendonitis, arthritis, bursitis, sciatica, tight hamstrings, muscle/tendon strain, golfer’s shoulder, tennis elbow, weak back, stiff neck, and almost any other ailments athletes may incur.

Chinese Medicine as an Antidote to Overtraining
In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang are the two polar yet complimentary opposites, much like the positive and negative aspects of an electric charge. Yin is passive, and yang is active. Health is achieved and maintained when yin and yang are kept in balance. Too much yang, activity and training, without yin, rest and recovery, can lead to illness and injury. Acupuncture and body work can speed up recovery time from exertion or injury and can help prevent injury.

Additionally, it should be noted that acupuncture can also be useful for energy replacement. This is a concept that is difficult to comprehend from a typical Western eye, but many Eastern medical therapies (such as acupuncture) are designed to reinvigorate an individual and help with excessive fatigue.

Acupuncture is a go-to therapy for many of the world’s leading athletes—but you don’t have to be a pro to experience the benefits of acupuncture in Winter Park.

Whether you’re a die-hard marathoner, devoted yogi, gym rat or weekend warrior, acupuncture can enhance your performance by fortifying your overall health.

5 ways acupuncture boosts athleticism

Acupuncture strengthens the immune system
Studies have shown that acupuncture enhances immune-cell function in the body. Specifically, it helps the brain increase the body’s level of T-cells, the cells that destroy bacteria and harmful viruses in the body, even days after a session. By safeguarding against sickness, you’ll miss fewer workouts and perform better. (Start boosting your immunity right now with this two-minute acupressure routine.)

Acupuncture speeds recovery time
In addition to accelerating the healing process, acupuncture helps your body bounce back from intensive exercise. For instance, a 2008 study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine discovered that participants who received acupuncture for muscle soreness 24 and 48 hours after they exercised to exhaustion reported significantly less pain than those who did not receive the treatment.

Acupuncture eases stress and anxiety
Nervous for that big race? Worried your serve isn’t up to par? Acupuncture’s balancing effect is beneficial for the mind, helping to lower stress and anxiety. Becoming more focused and relaxed will improve your athletic performance across the board.

Acupuncture improves sleep
Ditch the Ambien. Acupuncture is a safe way to banish sleeping issues such as insomnia and waking throughout the night. Regular acupuncture treatments can help you start each day rested and ready to hit the weights, punching bag or that hot yoga class you’ve been meaning to try.

Acupuncture increases awareness
Many people find that acupuncture helps them tune into their bodies, minds and emotions at deeper, subtler levels. Being mindful of yourself and your surroundings is a winning tool that is beneficial on and off the playing field.

Here are some of the top athletes using acupuncture as part of their regular training/recovery:

NFL Fullback Tony Richardson: Tony Richardson is a Jets fullback that experienced severely bruised ribs going into the playoffs season in 2010. Richardson needed to be pain free in order to maintain his blocking stance; as a result of his bruised ribs he was stuck on the sidelines. Rather than giving in and riding the bench through the entire playlist, Richardson tried acupuncture right before the first playoff game to get ready. Lisa Ripi is the acupuncturist who works with Richardson Before he had acupuncture he was using mostly heat and ice; when Marcus Stroud recommended her services for his bruised ribs, he jumped at the chance to try it. In a treatment plan of around 80 needles for a pre-game pain reduction boost, Richardson not only played the whole game but with minimal pain from his bruised ribs. With results like this, over 30 NFL athletes now use acupuncture as part of their training and recovery techniques.

Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher AJ Burnett: AJ Burnett cites acupuncture treatment as a vital aspect of his health. When negotiating new contracts as a pitcher he suggests that there is a need for an acupuncturist for his health on staff or available. Burnett receives regular treatments and he has absolutely no doubt that acupuncture has helped him in his professional career. Acupuncture is especially useful for pitchers who often utilize the same muscles with advanced strain. With so many pitchers experiencing shoulder, elbow and muscle injuries in their throwing arm, acupuncture is helping to extend the careers of professionals like Burnett.

NBA Shooting Guard Kobe Bryant: Kobe Bryant is one of the most famous faces in the NBA. With all of his success, he attributes much of his good health to acupuncture treatments. In 2013 Kobe went down with a leg injury but experienced a rapid recovery thanks to acupuncture. Tweeting a picture of his leg with acupuncture needles in it even showcased how pleased he was that the treatment was working. A star athlete like Kobe Bryant showcasing acupuncture could open the door to this treatment for many other NBA players. Other famous basketball players like Charles Barkley, Steve Nash, Yao Ming and Grant Hill have all use acupuncture and its becoming a growing trend in the NBA.

Cyclist Vincenzo Nibali: Nibali won the 2014 Tour de France and is one of the most famous professional cyclists in the world. He attributes his success in the Tour de France and in the sport itself to his use of acupuncture. Throughout the entire 2014 tour, all of the Astana team riders were getting acupuncture twice a day before the stages on the back of the team bus as well as in their hotel room. This quick sports acupuncture helped Nibali to stay strong and go on to win four different legs on the Tour de France. While he has suggested that acupuncture really does nothing for structural damage it does assist all of the riders with pain. This ensures better endurance and a way to deal with pain that is drug free.

NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers: Aaron Rodgers is one of the most respected quarterbacks in the NFL and is also a strong advocate for acupuncture. Rodgers experiences pain just like any other NFL athlete whether it’s through rigorous training or getting hit on the field. Acupuncture is a way that he deals with his performance training pain. One of the greatest times that acupuncture helped Rodgers was through a serious strain that occurred right before the playoffs in 2015. Rodgers was advised to take a full week off and sit an NFC championship game but instead he took to advanced acupuncture treatment to recover from the pain in just a few days. By working with the strained leg, Rodgers was pain-free and had an incredible game, throwing for three touchdown passes and 317 yards. With intense treatment, even severe muscle strain can be overcome through acupuncture so that athletes can get back on the field.

Japanese MLB players like Ichiro Suzuki and Kazuhiro Sasaki have introduced acupuncture to their baseball teammates to help them bounce back more quickly after heavy trainings and during rehabilitation from injuries. Star NFL players like Steven Young and Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers were also treated with sports acupuncture. Sports acupuncture is credited with helping Canadian speed skater Kevin Overland win the bronze medal in the 1998 Olympics.

My rehabilitative techniques may include combinations of acupuncture; massage; passive, active, and resistive stretching; and acupressure on proprioceptive site and trigger points.



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