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Chinese Medicine cannot remove cancer from the body and there is no evidence in China or the United States that suggests it can. Whilst a patient is receiving radiation or chemotherapy it can help bolster the immune system. Western Medicine can kill cancer however the strength of treatments damage the immune system which in some situations allows the cancer to take hold again. Chinese Medicine is proven to boost the body’s immune system giving more vitality back to the patient even if they are currently undergoing Western cancer treatments or for patients whose treatment has finished.


Over a number of years we have had some success treating chronic hepatitis or Hepatitis C and the results have been very encouraging. Cases we have treated been measured using Western medical tests and there has been a considerable improvement in liver function. Medical doctors in Washington State and indeed throughout the country are referring patients to Traditional Chinese Medicine clinics for treatment of liver disease.

Urinary Incontinence:

At our clinic we see two kinds of urinary incontinence, one of which involves a low-level bladder infection or irritation and this responds particularly well to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The other kind we see would come under a “Deficiency” in Chinese Medicine and sadly does not respond well to treatment. This type of incontinence is found in more elderly patients and we have had little success with any treatment or therapy.

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