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Acupunture Testimonials

A basketball player with the Winter Park Magic had lower back pain that the Magic training staff was not able to resolve. I worked on him for an hour using massage and stretching and resolved his lower back pain. Two weeks later, he had mid-scapular pain which the training staff could not resolve. Again, I was able to resolve his pain in an hour.

A few summers ago, I was asked by former NBA player to work on the USA 55+ basketball team as they competed in an international age group tournament at Walt Disney World. I kept them in game shape using massage, acupuncture, and stretching. They won the tournament. I was told by the coach that they would not have won it without me. They included me in the team photo with the trophy.

A female long-distance runner had foot pain that worsened the longer she ran. I was able to completely resolve her foot pain in 30 minutes.

A marathon runner in his late 30’s, who had been running marathons for 15 years, received weekly massage, stretching, and acupuncture in the off season. He ran his two best times that next season.

A long-time patient of mine was knocked off his bike by a friendly dog and broke his femur near his artificial hip. After his surgery, I was immediately able to work on his body other than his affected thigh, keeping the muscles in appropriate shape. Two weeks after his surgery, I began working on the affected thigh, gently but affectively reducing atrophy of the muscles.

A neighbor in his 70’s had had chronic lower back pain for many years, only receiving temporary relief from the therapies he tried. A year ago, I used acupuncture with electrostimulation to treat his back. It resolved the pain and it has not returned.

A patient ran the Goofy at Disney. She ran a half marathon on Saturday morning and a full marathon on Sunday morning. On the Friday afternoon preceding that weekend, she received a flush massage, which moves blood in and out of the muscles. Saturday afternoon she received another flush massage. After she finished the marathon on Sunday, she had no soreness. She said she felt like she had done nothing more than take a stroll in the park.

A friend had reconstructive knee surgery. After the medically prescribed physical therapy rehab, his knee was still not back to normal. I gave him one acupuncture treatment and his knee was restored to full function.

I had two patients come into see me with ankle pain. Both of them had seen a podiatrist who injected steroids at the sight of the pain. The injections only gave temporary relief. I determined from my evaluation that the pain was in the peroneus longus tendon. I released the peroneus longus muscle and the ankle pain went away.

I have a regular massage patient who has peripheral neuropathy with pain and numbness in his toes. I insert needles in his legs and feet according to a standard prescription for peripheral neuropathy while I am massaging his upper body. I leave the needles in for about 15 minutes, removing them before working on his feet and legs. He says he is experiencing some improvement.

My stepdaughter had a chronic viral infection. I gave her an injection of an antiviral homeopathic solution and her infection was eliminate within 36 hours.



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